The company's legal affairs is one of the few Yida core business fields
Yida lawyers with years of rich experience in legal services, to provide comprehensive legal service for the well-known Multi-National Corporation, large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and government departments and many other customers.
Yida law has become one of the best business China team
Hand Yida has been in the international investment and financing and banking businesswith good performance and reputation in the industry known
Securities and capital markets law service is the core business of up to Yida
Yida legal services Chinese earlier in the law firm of the securities and capital market business
Yida have rich experience in the venture capital and private equity investment
Company merger and reorganization is the core business of up to Yida
Yida in the dominant position in the business domain
Yida dispute resolution team with rich experience
Yida is one of the most controversial Chinese large and medium type in a firm of solicitors to solve business ability the strongest firms
Yida have excellent international trade lawyer
Yida international trade business team to the accurate grasp of the Chinese laws,procedures and international treaties, to provide a full range of legal services in the field of international trade for the government and enterprises at home and abroad.
Real estate and construction business is the cornerstone of business Yida
Yida can maximize meet customer needs of interest.
A high degree of recognition Yida lawyer service ability in the international scope
Yida cooperation development, exploration and mining law in marine and mineral resources with rich experience

Yida Recognitions

Obtained commendation for the volunteer work at Pro Bono Legal Consultation C

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Yida Profile

Yida Law Firm, located at the heart of the CBD area in Beijing, was established in 2002 by a group of lawyers committed to providing the most remarkable legal services and developing the modern legal practice in China. Read more